Those who have "possession" ATP expiry before March 21, 2014 should get an authorization from their doctor under reg 53 of the Narcotic Control regs to the same effect (dosage) to cover them if they still have valid Ppl/DG September 30, 2013. I think Health Canada is correct in their interpretation and we will need to consider trying to fix this on cross appeal.
- John Conroy QC


MMAR Appeal Factum - July 23, 2014

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Appellant's Factum - June 10, 2014

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Order Timeline - May 2, 2014

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Notice of Cross Appeal - April 16, 2014

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Notice of Appeal

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Allard v. HMTQ - ORDER

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1. Statement of Claim of Plaintiffs Allard et al;

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2. The Defence of Her Majesty the Queen;

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3. The Notice of Constitutional Question;

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Interlocutory or Interim Proceedings

4. The Motion for an exemption/injunction to be heard March 18th, 2014;

(a) The affidavit of Plaintiff Neil Allard;

(b) The affidavit of Plaintiff Tanya Beemish;

(c) The affidavit of Plaintiff David Hebert;

(d) The affidavit of Plaintiff Shawn Davey;

(e) The affidavit of Brian Alexander;

(f) The affidavit of Zachary Walsh;

(g) The affidavit of Dan Nelson;

(h) The affidavit of Danielle Lukiv;

(i) The affidavit of David Pate;

(j) The affidavit of Susan Boyd;

5. The Governments Reply affidavits;

(a) The affidavit of RCMP Officer Shane Holmquist;

(b) The affidavit of Jeanine Ritchot, Health Canada;

(c) The affidavit of Todd Cain, Health Canada;

(d) The affidavit of Dr. P. Grootendors.

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